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DisclosuresPVG is a service for employers to manage police checks on their staff in Scotland. The service is internet based, enabling organisations to apply for PVG membership and PVG updates.

The facility is quick and efficient, and will enable you to confirm if there is criminal record or other information that may affect a persons suitability to work with children or protected adults.

It is a criminal offence for an organisation to employ a listed person to do regulated work with children or adults in the UK. People that are already barred from working with children or protected adults are not able to join the PVG scheme.

DisclosuresPVG is managed by Atlantic Data, a Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme registered body and one of the market leaders in processing police check applications.

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For other types of criminal record check please visit Disclosures.co.uk for further information.

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DisclosuresPVG enables you to complete PVG application forms for new and existing members of the PVG Scheme.

A Scheme Record application is used for people joining the PVG scheme to do regulated work with children or adults. The disclosure certificate will contain the details of any unfiltered criminal convictions and additional information that may be relevant to the applicants suitability for such work.

A Short Scheme Record, or PVG update is used by people that are already members of the PVG Scheme. It may be used to apply for a full disclosure certificate if the scheme member is applying for work with a different protected group, or to find out if there has been any change to the persons PVG record since their last application.

Disclosures Fees
PVG Fees
  • Scheme Record - £59.00
  • Short Scheme Record - £18.00
  • Admin Fee - POA